Construction and civil engineering work sites are often faced with huge challenges, where people have to work with heavy machinery, materials and limited working space. Therefore lifting and hoisting gear is used to ensure the efficiency and safety, when constructing or repairing buildings, bridges and tunnels.

DELTA provides wide range of manual chain hoists up to 50 ton. They are user friendly and easy to maintain. DELTA manual chain hoists load chains are tested according to European EN-818-7 norm. Standard hoisting heights are 3, 6 and 10 meter. Other lengths upon request.

DELTA electric chain hoist with low headroom trolleys are perfect for places with limited working space, which ensures a safe working environment, where people have sufficient lifting capacity. DELTA jobbing hoist is suitable for any kind of hoisting job and it should not be missing in any service van. Its light weight makes it unique, which is convenient for travel purposes. 

DELTA battery hoist and winch are suitable for areas without power supply, such as forests, farms, wilderness, under-construction buildings, plumbing sites, etc. Also good for outdoor activity operations such as jet ski and off-road vehicles. DELTA polyester slings are manufactured according to EN1492-1 norms . In addition DELTA webbing slings are double webbed and the eyes are reinforced to ensure quality and durability. DELTA ratchet tie downs are made according to EN12195-2. Available with ergonomic ratchet.