Transportation is integrated in many supply chains, which is crucial to companies and individuals. Each day tremendous amounts of goods are shipped by air, road, rail and maritime. Trucking is considered as the main player within this industry, while they are often at the end of the supply chain. The most important aspect is to safely deliver goods by preventing cargo from falling or getting damaged during the process. 

Often lashing belts are used to secure the shipment by tying them firmly. Another common method is by using ratchet load binder, this is usually done with heavy equipment, vehicles and containers. Not to mention the use of Grade 80 and Grade 100 components. 

DELTA offers a range of lashing belts in different sizes, which are easy to use. They are made according to EN12195-2 standard and are equipped with double J-hooks. Ergonomic type is available upon request.

DELTALOCK ratchet load binders are available in Grade 80 and Grade 100 series, which are tested according to the EN1677 standard.