The development of windmills over the last decades has introduced new ways of converting wind into electricity, which can be used for powering industries, businesses and households. This renewable energy has gained a lot of attention around the world and as we speak large wind farms are placed globally.  

The wind power generators consist out of the rotor, rotor blades, machine room (also known as the nacelle) and tower, which can go up to a total of 125 meters tall. They are most likely to be found on locations with harsh environments, for example, on mountains or near sea. Therefore electric chain hoists are used in construction and maintenance of these impressive designs by hoisting the parts and tools to the nacelle. 

DELTA understands the importance of having quality material under these rough conditions. Therefore we make sure that DELTA electric chain hoists, can be easily customized according to the needs and demands of the environment in question, for example, stainless steel chain and special spare parts